Safely disconnecting a twist lock plug

Doug/ April 13, 2016/ Electrical Safety Tips/ 0 comments

Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with electricity. This picture shows the result of  a loose connection in the cord end. Luckily no one was injured when this happened. Its always a good idea to disconnect the power to a receptacle before plugging in or unplugging to avoid any accidents. To avoid incidents like this make sure to always pull on the cord end and not the cord, and always get a certified electrician when installing cord ends.


The picture shows a 600 volt receptacle where two hot leads came in contact. The worker was disconnecting his welder and pulled on the cord making a loose connection. The receptacle is a twist lock the proper procedure to disconnecting is as follows.

  • Disconnect power to the receptacle if possible
  • Grab onto the male cord end and twist counter-clockwise
  • Pull the cord end towards you

Now its safely disconnected

When reconnecting the cord end its a similar procedure.

  • Disconnect power to receptacle
  • Push male cord end into corresponding slots
  • Twist clockwise until it stops
  • Turn the power onto the receptacle


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